Monday, December 23, 2013

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Truly Shocking!

I have an important favor to ask of my readers,

First off, let me start by saying that I’m not one to send out chain emails and blog about things that aren’t worth my time. In fact, I’ve never really posted anything like this. However, this is my post that I authored, not something that was simply copied and pasted. So, please know that this is very important, not only to me, but in determining the fate of the United States of America—the GREATEST country on Earth. With that being said, I’m working on a campaign called Represent.Us to get the dirty money out of politics and stop the corruption that’s eating our government from the inside-out. The Represent.Us campaign will completely change how “business as usual” is done in Washington. It underlines a plan to stop lobbyists from bribing politicians, end secret election money, and put voters back in control of elections.

The American Anti-Corruption Act was crafted by former Federal Election Commission chairman Trevor Potter in consultation with dozens of strategists, democracy reform leaders and constitutional attorneys from across the political spectrum” ( The hard part is done! Next comes the most important step: getting a million people to pledge their support of The Anti-Corruption Act, so I'm collecting names. At the time of posting this, it has been backed by over 380,000 proud, concerned and, quite frankly, fed-up Americans. There is no long form or survey to fill out; simply add your name, email, and ZIP code. It will only take a few seconds of your time to show your support for getting the money out of our government and getting the People back in! Please follow this link and add your name to make your pledge in support of this revolutionary movement (also watch the video, if you have the time):

After you add your name, please share this post with your friends and family! The faster we get the support needed, the faster we can weed out the corruption that plagues our government. Of course, you can donate to the cause or even join Represent.Us as a co-sponsor. By co-sponsoring, you’ll have access to the tools necessary to help people sign up in person and keep track of how many Americans you have helped realize the importance of revolutionizing our government and supporting the game-changing Anti-Corruption Act.

Help us get more people on board for this, please! Everyone from Occupy to Tea Party, left, right and center can agree that getting money out of politics is the only way we'll ever get our government back. It's the only way that we can successfully deal with issues concerning jobs, the economy, the environment, war and taxes.

Is the Defense Industry playing the American Public?
The act of bribing politicians has been made legal. The amount of “campaign contributions” from lobbyists is too high an incentive for politicians to heed the needs and wants of their respective constituencies. Our country’s fate is essentially determined by union bias and extremely wealthy individuals, not by us (of “WE THE PEOPLE” fame). So, basically, if you are low- to middle-class or you don’t belong to a union, then you’re outnumbered; you might as well not have a “vote” on the issues that are hence vied through persuasive financing. For the love of money is the root of all evil, and the love of money in politics is no exception!

For instance, look at the decision that was made after the Snowden leak to continue allowing the NSA to invade our privacy with dragnet-surveillance techniques. Those who voted ‘yes,’ thus continuing to allow the NSA to record certain information from phone conversations, text messages, etc., received on average a total of $41,625 in campaign contributions from the defense and intelligence industries (the very same people who would benefit from exploiting such methods). The lawmakers who upheld their moral vows and voted ‘no’ to put a stop to the program received an average of $18,765 in campaign contributions. On average The ‘yes’ voters received 122% more in donations than ‘no’ voters. More than likely, the airheads in charge of managing lobby investment accounts all forgot to coordinate the budgeting for naysayer donations—a major slipup on their part, but know that they will not make this mistake again. However, due to this oversight, we now have a chance to strike!

In addition, these ‘yes’ voters are the same people who benefitted from the $13M donation windfall leading up to the 2012 election. Why? Our Congress is BOUGHT! Because of this acquisitive behavior that runs rampant in our nation’s capital, our banking system is corrupt, our economy is in ruin, and the priorities of job creation remain ass-backwards. The dough-mongers in Congress are the most greedy, immoral people in our country and THEY ARE THE ONES RUNNING IT! These crooked politicians are lining their pockets with dirty money; they put the ‘racy’ in democracy.

To watch some really interesting videos and read up on how corruption crawls through our government, please visit

Our country was founded on certain principles. The majority of our Congress fails to regard the most vital of these principles. It’s not only unconstitutional, but it’s definitely not the makings of a reliable democratic system. So, The Anti-Corruption Act needs the support of 1 million Americans; then we can put some pressure on these corrupt politicians. If 1 million citizens stand up and provide the patronage this movement needs, then we can finally have the leverage necessary to vote out the politicians who stand behind the money rather than the People!

So, why do we have to take action? Well, the President is the only single man with the power great enough to put a stop to this, but he has yet to abandon our Congress and stand tall in the face of greed even though he would undoubtedly have the support of the American Public. So, NOW IT’S OUR TURN! If he won’t do it, then it looks like we have to take matters into our own hands! You might say, “what could we possibly do? There’s nothing short of an organized rebellious march on Capitol Hill that could solve something like that.” Well, you’d be right, in a way. There is something we can do, but it’s much more simple than aggressive demonstration. The answer is passive-aggressive—retrospective—and the solution has already been drafted; it simply needs the support of the American People! They are few, but we are many! We put those greedy Congressmen and women in their positions, we can just as easily force them to do what we say for a change or else strip them of that position entirely. This movement (provided that it gets the backing it requires from America) CAN and WILL justifiably separate the men and women we need in our nation’s capital from the ones that we don’t.

Demand that the leaders of our great nation REPRESENT US! The greed in politics has not only been sucking the life out of our country for decades, but also negatively impacting our daily life and cramming our childrens' future with uncertainty and immeasurable debt. It’s responsible for much more ambiguity and calamity than the confidence and security that most of us require to feel happy and safe. The future of our country is looking more and more depressing with every rising sun. The ‘American Way’ in politics has slowly been replaced with ‘American Greed.’ Be proud of your heritage and show your support for OUR AMERICAN WAY, the one our forefathers had originally intended!

Please follow this link and add your name in support of The American Anti-Corruption Act to promote the wiping out of political greed:

Of course, I’m happy to tell you more about it; just contact me. Thanks in advance. It's only the future of our country that’s at stake! ~Mister Wiki

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On Science and Religion..

Apples are different from oranges, but they're still fruits of the earth. Science and religion are different, but both are human concepts whose scopes are boundless. Honestly, neither is more credible than the other, unless you consider that one has a definite answer, wheras the other does not. Nonbelievers have always shunned religious fanatics for shoving bogus beliefs down peoples' throats, and I don't necessarily agree with said "shoving," advocates of science are guilty of the same crime, that is to preach the truth as they believe it to be.

Of course, not all scientific thinkers are atheists. Some scientists endure their gift of logical thought throughout life, yet consider science itself a malicious tool of evil; that is, a tool used to prevent people from understanding the absolute truth. Science employs a system of logic that traverses a limitless amount of information, and even though it "proves" many things, it actually proves nothing in the end as there is no unshakeable degree of certainty with which to compare any concrete determination. For instance, one of the biggest endeavors of the scientific community is answering the question, "where did we come from?" However, not only are we limited to our place in time, but we are limited by our understanding of the universe, or rather, the lack thereof.

You see, to me, using the scientific process to determine the origin of life is like making a batch of concrete with whipped cream instead of water to solve a problem where concrete wasn't required in the first place. I do not doubt that science is effective, and this is especially true of medicine and solving other elusive issues such as world hunger or the bettering our environment. However, science isn't infallible, at least insofar as its capacity to provide absolute concrete answers about the origin of existence to any final degree. We might think we know something about the universe, but as science has taught us through the ages, there is always going to be something that we don't know.

All science is capable of ultimately providing is an educated guess. This is the inherent evil in science. Scientific process masquerades as brilliance and understanding, but with our gaining of knowledge also comes further uncertainty, because our persistence in figuring out one range of possibility has uncovered yet another range of possibility. So, what's the point in asking questions if every time we do ask a question we are faced with an exponentially increasing amount of questions with an ever-increasing range of possibility? Take our [current] understanding of physics and quantum mechanics, for instance.

There was a time when we thought that cells were the smallest particles possible—a level at which matter could not be divided any further. Then atoms were discovered and thusly named the building blocks of everything material. Then even smaller particles that were the building blocks of atoms were discovered. Then it was discovered that these particles were made up of even smaller particles called quarks and leptons, undoubtedly the smallest particles; anything otherwise would be nigh impossible to see, much less define. It was then hypothesized with the expansion of quantum mechanics and the introduction of string theory that the smallest unit of measurement possible was the “Planck” unit (1.62 × 10^ −35 m), a unit much smaller than an electron neutrino (a low-mass, neutrally charged lepton, the cross-section of which is roughly 1 yoctometre or 2 x 10^ -23 m). It was theorized that anything smaller than 1 Planck made no physical sense, but then evidence was found that quantum foam is made up of high-energy virtual particles that are smaller than 1 Planck, a level once defined as physically impossible to exist beyond.

You see, science is like a bucket. Scientists stand on the shore, bucket in hand, scooping up as much as they can from the vast ocean of answers. Then they quickly run back to the masses and say, "Look how many answers I found!" then dump those answers into a silo, and immediately return to retrieve more answers. I believe that this process is missing one simple factor: the belief that the Universe and the nature of life is complicated for a reason. I believe that God wanted us to have something to explore and appreciate in His glorious creation. But, when people shun the belief that we were meant to appreciate God's creation, they are consumed by the relentless currents of this endless ocean of answers.

Personally, I consider myself a Christian as my faith defines it. Now, I don't consider my faith unwavering or perfect by any means. I'm not a poster child for how to live a spiritual life, but I still have my beliefs, and even then, those beliefs are shaken to their core every day. My beliefs are a mix of tradition and logic. I have entertained thoughts that don't particularly agree with the Word and had even spent a lot of my childhood hashing out contradictions in the Bible. I remember arguing with Sunday school teachers about the importance of the whys rather than the whos and how the whens and wheres don't jibe with the whys of the whats and hows, but then I learned that, honestly, the Christian faith comes down to a choice: there is trust in the way of the world, and there is trust in the way of the Word. I think that the Bible was simply written in such a way as to highlight what truly mattered in life—to establish healthy principles and thus lay a foundation to encourage revelation and the redemption of self so that those who read it and accept its teachings may find happiness, if not just in this life, but also what might persist in the after. To me, it's perfectly clear that the Bible accents faith in the Word of God over knowledge of the world.

In the end, it’s not about what we ask about the Word of God; it’s about what we ask of it. That being said, I feel that some nonbelievers start picking the Bible apart simply because it doesn't agree with what they believe and immediately write it off as nonsense, but the majority of critical effort in proving the Bible right or wrong or contradictory is pointless. If anything, the Bible was written to shift focus away from the incessant cloud of confounding curiosity that surrounds us that is of little to no consequence.

For instance, maybe there's an abundance of extraterrestrial life and God simply chose not to tell us for whatever reason (the Bible never mentioned other life in addition to angels and demons, but it never mentioned otherwise, either). The Christian religion assumes that the Earth is approximately 6,000 years old and almost (if not) all nonbelievers disagree with that statement. Their proof? Evolution. First, there is not "proof" of evolution. The proof is limited to our perception of said proof. These offerings are always too constrictive. Perhaps, each day of the Seven Days of Creation in the Bible were actually thousands of years of terraforming, decay and evolution that was simulated over the course of (what we know as) one solar day. I'm not one to say it did or didn't happen that way or whether or not The Almighty God was capable, but it sure would help explain both the 6,000-year phenomenon and scientific observation. In short, why seek a definitive answer among infinite possibility? It's a fool's errand. We are here because we were meant to be here and I believe that our human minds are incapable of understanding anything further than that, no matter how diligently we deliberate in spite of that.

My point here is that most people (and even some of the most devout Christians) are guilty of questioning the Bible because it either does or does not speak to something in particular which may or may not agree with mainstream or personal beliefs and/or doubts that provoke a subjective urgency; but, seriously, faith doesn't work at all if all anyone does is question, question, question.

We can ask questions until we're blue in the face, but even when we think we have an answer, do we really? Who can ultimately affirm anything? There's so much faith in science, yet scientific theories and laws are being proven otherwise on a daily basis because of this inevitably emerging discovery—this goldfish-like thought process of "Hmm . . . what's over here? ok, that makes sense . . . OOH! What's this over here? ok, I get it . . . OOH! What's that over there?!" I can only hope that those relying on science to answer the questions of existence will soon realize that, in that same respect, they are simply persisting back and forth from one end of the fish tank to the other. Science is duly effective in its collective endeavor, yet there is no ultimate goal or focus. There is only faith in what is observed, not in what is felt. That which is observed is fickle and ever-changing, yet that which is felt is absolute. You can either embrace confusion and run around in circles chasing the elusive meaning behind everything, or you can accept everything for what it is and have faith that there is an underlying order to our time spent here on Earth.

So, where will it end? Well, it won’t. Like religion, science is persistent in it's own right. Science thrives on proof and process, which (seemingly counterproductively) leaves more room for doubt than anything else. Religion simply removes that doubt and replaces it with a structure of beliefs.

Why must everything have meaning? Maybe the universe was meant to stay mysterious. Honestly, look how many religious wars and conquests have cursed us through the ages and how many individuals were martyred in their varying defense. Science is responsible for many advancements in technology and medicine, but also the many weapons of war, the harnessing and misuse of nuclear energy, pollution of the environment, and the progressive annihilation of the Earth and its inhabitants.

So, instead of draining an entire ocean of its answers, why not just sit back and relax? Enjoy the view; feel the rush of the cosmos between your toes. Let the unexplained recede, unimpeded, where it may, and allow the sounding ebb and flow to establish a lasting tranquility and reassurance in all things. Stop trying to explain, explain, explain and just accept that we were made to behold the spectacle that is "creation," regardless of whether or not the individual believes it was actually created. And for the sake of humanity, stop the wars! Feed the hungry churrins! Don't worry! Be happy! Etc, etc.

In the end, the smarter we think we are in either study only ends in proving how much we don't know about the universe and its fickle nature. We either emotionally destroy each other over our beliefs or we physically destroy the Earth through discovery. In the end, human comprehension is a mere drop in this sea of endless knowledge. When it comes to science and religion, we will always play second fiddle to human ignorance, bar none. The only difference is that religion accepts this ignorance as destiny, whereas science attempts to explain it away.

So, are science and religion apples and oranges? Yes, but they're still fruits, nonetheless. I believe it's high time that the fanatical proponents of science and religion stopped bickering over who is right and started eating their damn vegetables. Suum cuique pulchrum est.

. . . and yes, that goes for you, too, fanatical evangelists that want me to pay real money for hypothetical novelty.